Living Room Colors Trend for 2013

There are five colors called going to be the trend of decorating a living room in 2013. The five colors are the colors chosen based on the theme of connectivity in the lives of everyday people as expressed by the interior designer

They mention five color trends are collective passion, switching off, the art of understanding, home factory, and visual solace.

Collective passion are the colors of the individual collected. These colors are separate then combined in one color. For example there are blue, pink, gray, ”

Furthermore, for switching off colors inspired by people who have a lot of busyness. People will eventually need solitude to recharge the lost energy. The colors in the switch off among others calm colors, the colors that create shade.

Colors that make people want to switch off from their activities. This color is made ​​up of peacefull, daydream, stillness, creativity idle.

The third color is the art of understanding is inspired by the colors back to the real human life. Namely natural colors consisting of Orderaly, couriousity, undrstanding, clarivy, communication, chocolate, cherry. “These colors look like in variant colors in ice cream.

Fourth, home factory. These colors consist of home production, honest, simplicity and small scale manufactory. Finally, visual Solance. The colors are inspired by the people who need solace. This color is made ​​up of visual solace, joyful, restorative, uplifting, soul, wonder.

The interior designer is optimistic if the color trend will be more interesting than the colors of the previous year. That said, due to blend colors for 2013 more interesting. “So in creating a more challenging

One of color trends 2013, the impression could be created through color palette as derivatives of purple or pink color that can look feminine and soft.

You can insert the atmosphere on interior that seemed stylish and make residents feel more comfortable when they are in it. You can try to apply a theme such as color trends 2013 in the living room. You can choose the color palette of pink for a soft look beautiful in the living room.

To apply it, you can combine them with neutral colors like white, so that the room the more subtle and fresh. Pink will make your living room look nice when applied as an accent. While the white color is more suitable if you choose to be the dominant primary colors.

Try playing blend of pink and white color on the walls. Create a wall looks sweet with pink accents applied on other part. Meanwhile, the other side of the wall you can use a blend of white frame … looks pretty and gentle atmosphere, giving a sense of comfort for the occupants.

For elements of the room, you better use white color again on couch for example. Then combined with red cushions gives pretty bright shades. For the coffee table and end table select which of the glass material to make it look more modern. And the brown splash on the manifold parquet floor. 2013 Living room color trends is convenient isn’t it?

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living room colors trend 2013 with red cushion and white sofa

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