Tips to Design Comfortable Study Room for Kids

Before you design a study room for children, Observe what should be there and not be there in the study room in order to create a comfortable learning environment for children to develop themselves according to their talents and abilities. Both in terms of design and furniture to filling study room. With attention to the rules, you can create a room to learn to be a comfortable place for children to work. The following details the rules.


Choose Attractive Color

Color space can also affect children’s learning. Some colors can be¬†considered are the colors that are attractive, such as the description below. Maroon color will stimulate a child’s body and energy to more standby, but did not become aggressive as red bright. The blue color can be associated with intellectual or thinking and make the child calm. Strong blue stimulates clear thinking, while a soft blue will calm the mind and increase¬†concentration.

Yellow is the color of emotional, but if the exact composition will make children more stimulated, excited, and confident, but if excessive tension will cause even anxiety. Green is the color of a balanced and safe, but it less stimulating child psychology. Do not tease children with Toys Avoid placing other objects that are not related to learning, which can interfere with learning. Items such as televisions, music players, video games, phones, should not there in the room or area of study, because in many cases may tempt a child to use.

Equipped with Music

If children are accustomed to learning with music, there is nothing wrong put the music players in the study. Listening to classical music before learning or for learning can increase the productivity of learning. Certainly be aware of the music, so not too loud, because it can damage the concentration while studying.

Set Lighting

To create comfortable study room, lighting is also noteworthy. Light must be white with bright levels are sufficient, so that children can see the writing or a clear image without the need for the eye to work harder to make adjustments to the light. Avoid colors that are dim, because the dim light, the eyes more get tired of having to work harder, so the atmosphere was less than optimal learning. Comfortable with Proper temperature Room temperature and ventilation should be tailored to the learning activities.

Temperature should not too hot or cold. Too heat will interfere study because of discomfort, while too cold will make sleepy. Setting out of the air is also noteworthy because they have sufficient air is available for children to learn. While studying, the body uses a lot of energy, and energy is carried by the blood, including the processing of oxygen by the lungs. When the air does not flow properly, the brain and the body is deprived of fresh air that makes the child sleepy and tired. As a result, the learning process is not optimal.

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